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I'm Jill coined the term enclosed relief constructions to describe her three dimensional works created using repurposed objects,industrial plastics, sheet metal and discarded computer parts.  These works represent a highly creative period spanning twenty years, where, working alone Crossen-Sargent pursued and refined both her vision and practices.

      In 2004 the AGO mounted a show surveying Crossen-Sargent's work. It recognizes the importance of the work and described her as "one of the more accomplished artist of her time".  In the show's curatorial comments Jill's work is describesd as having "Dense, dynamic,destabilizing patterns...simultaneously suggesting cubist picture space, aerial perspective and the dense aechitecture of a microship."  The AGO would go on to aquire three pieces form this show for their permanent collection.

      By 1986 the physical nature of building and creating with these materials became too dificult and Jill embarked on the next phase of her career, painting. 


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